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Showtrade's NEW AFFILIATE e-COMMERCE Program for ALL!

Showtrade® is expanding its Pre-Owned Studio Equipment Facilitator Services to include services developed especially for marketing “New” entertainment equipment, products and services. If you fall into one or more of the following categories, we invite you to email us or call for more information about Showlinks® New Industry Commerce Services.

  • Industry Dealers
  • Industry Distributors
  • Industry Manufacturers
  • Industry Retailers and Sellers.

These new services will enable industry and professional customers to gain market exposure from our added commerce venues presence. In addition, Professional Individuals, as well as Manufacturing and Entertainment Entities, will benefit from Showtrade's expanded Advertising, Branding and Promotional Services offered by "the Indie Mob" and from the release of our industry 1st Search System Method! Needless to say, Showtrade is very excited about these and other "Consumer" services planned for 2009!

  • Featured Affiliate Web Listings!
  • Branding and Promotional Services!
  • Expanded Transactional Links!
  • Advertising, Marketing and Promotional Assistance!

In addition, Showtrade is partnering in the development of a Patent and Patent Pending database designed to deliver your item's listing to qualified Entertainment Professionals, Consumers and Students of all Art! To learn more about this System, as well as other coming e-commerce Showtrade services, contact us!

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